TechCrunch: EU Opens Antitrust Investigation Into Google. Microsoft’s Fingerprints Are Everywhere.

antitrust adj. 反托拉斯的,反垄断的 open an antitrust investigation

be dominated by

come of 由 … 引起,来自 … nothing may come of it

file a complaint 提出控告,进行投诉 file [Tn] send (sth) so that it may be recorded 送交(某物)以便备案; 提交

notably 显著地,值得注意地,特别地 and notably, one of them is owned by Microsoft.

ballot [ˈbælət] [U, C] the system of voting in writing and usually in secret; an occasion on which a vote is held n.投票;投票总数;选票 v.投票表决 1 [I, Ipr] ~ (for sb/sth) vote by ballot (for sb/sth) 以无记名投票方式(对某人[某事物])进行表决. 2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (about/on sth) cause sb to vote (on sth) secretly 使某人以无记名方式投票表决(某事物): The union balloted its members on the proposed changes. 工会让会员们以无记名方式就所建议的改革进行表决. IE ballot screen

ongoing adj [esp attrib 尤作定语] continuing to exist or progress 继续存在的; 进行中的: an ongoing debate

TechCrunch: What Should Twitter Ads Look Like? And Will You Really Love Them?

fascinating extremely interesting a.迷人的,有极大吸引力的

revenue 1 money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services →income  advertising revenue  Strikes have cost £20 million in lost revenues . 2 money that the government receives from tax  an increase in tax revenues of 8.4% advertising revenue models

grill v.烧烤;拷问 n.烤架;烧烤餐馆;烤肉;格板 The police grilled him (with non-stop questions) for over an hour. SocialMedia, was on the same panel and is the one who grilled Banerji about Twitter’s ad plans.

disclose vt.揭露,泄露,透露

1 known to be true or genuine 真实的; 真正的 2 trustworthy; reliable 可信的; 可靠的: an authentic statement 可靠的陈述.

Contextual ads contextual: relating to a particular context

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